A letter from the VP

The following is a letter from Ohio EMS Chiefs Association Vice President Robbie Jacks. It will be featured in OEMSCA’s February newsletter. Jacks is the director of Meigs County EMS.


OEMSCA Membership,

In July of 2013 I was appointed to the role of Director for Meigs County EMS. I had a lengthy public safety career but not in the field of pre-hospital emergency medicine. Honestly, I was not prepared for the challenges that many of you have faced for decades.

You can imagine the difficulty in trying to navigate all the issues that this profession has to offer without having anyone to turn to for guidance with no experience. I was also disappointed that such a vital piece of public safety was a fragmented body with no representation or support. It seemed that no one really cared about pre-hospital emergency medicine except the men and women that have dedicated their lives to caring for the citizens of their communities.

Fortunately, I received a letter from a fledgling organization known as OEMSCA that invited me to an organizational meeting. I immediately recognized the importance of this organization. My entire career up to this point had been in the law enforcement and I knew the value of organizations such as the Buckeye State Sheriffs Association, Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police and the Ohio Troopers Coalition in advancing initiatives for the law enforcement field. I attended my first meeting that summer.

As I reflect on the summer of 2013 and the years following, I am proud to say that I have been able to work with such a fine group of professionals that represent OEMSCA. You have inspired and motivated me, given me practical advice and battled for the people you lead and serve. You now have the attention of government leaders and legislators and a “seat at the table” where it was sorely needed. We still have many issues that will need to be addressed and the work is not done, but I am confident that OEMSCA will continue to advance the EMS mission.

In closing, I wanted to thank you for being in a position of senior leadership at a pivotal time in Ohio EMS history. What we do now as leaders will determine the success of EMS for generations. OEMSCA has gained some ground but we have many issues left to address. Your skills, experiences and voice are needed. I believe we are stronger together and our unity will continue to pave the way for future leaders. Keep up the great work.


Robbie Jacks,
OEMSCA Vice President