A voice where there was none

The following is a letter from Ohio EMS Chiefs Association President Vincent Gildone. It will be featured in OEMSCA’s February newsletter.


EMS committees, subcommittees and ad hoc committees are created by statute or are established by the State Board of Emergency Medical Fire and Transportation Services for a specific purpose.

Appointments are made in accordance with rules adopted by the board. Committees, subcommittees and ad hoc committees are the backbone of the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services (EMFTS). Appointees provide advice and assistance to the EMFTS Board as directed. Their work is critical to improving Ohio’s Emergency Medical Services. OEMSCA has one of its members appointed by the governor sitting on this board; we also have members of OEMSCA serving on Homeland Security, EMS Systems Development and Rural EMS committees.

Our ongoing relationship with the National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT) also has given us a voice at the Federal level. We have an OEMSCA member serving as the Ohio Advocacy Coordinator, and an affiliate representative. These members attend and represent NAEMT and OEMSCA at EMS on the Hill meetings, which has resulted in securing a federal level representative from Ohio for the EMS caucus, a position that had never been filled before. Lawmakers have approved several pieces of legislation that support EMS.

OEMSCA also holds a seat on the statewide Surgenet Working Group. Giving EMS a platform from which to make statewide patient tracking more user-friendly for EMS personnel.

The Third-Service EMS delivery platform is being positively recognized throughout the state and at the federal level because of the work and dedication of OEMSCA and its members. Only through our continued hard work as an organization will EMS have a bright and strong future. We need to stand together in support of each other and in support of EMS, recognizing that it is a part of everyone’s quality of life.

OEMSCA is an organization that encourages, educates and stimulates EMS leaders to build integrity, accountability, diligence, perseverance and discipline in the public third-service EMS System.

Vincent T. Gildone
President, OEMSCA