Gov. DeWine appoints Jeff Jackson to EMFTS board

Jackson accepts an award on behalf of his department

Gov. Mike DeWine announced several appointments Aug. 16, including that of Sandusky County EMS Chief Jeff Jackson to the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services.
Jackson is to be the Ohio EMS Chiefs Association representative on the board.
“I was very honored just to be nominated by OEMSCA,” he said. “To be appointed my Governor DeWine has me speechless.”
Jackson said OEMSCA and its members have worked very hard to get where it is today.
“My goal will be to continue the hard work for the third-service EMS agencies to make sure we have a voice at this level,” he said.
Jackson said he will attend board meetings every other month and will attend committee meetings periodically.
“I feel I bring 20-plus years of knowledge and experience of being involved in a third-service EMS environment,” he said of his contribution to the board.
The EMFTS board is responsible for several things, including the accreditation of EMS training programs, the approval of EMS continuing education sites, the oversight of Ohio’s trauma system, the oversight of the EMS grant program and the licensing of Ohio’s medical transportation services.
The board consists of 21 members, 20 appointed by the governor and one appointed by the director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. The appointees to the board represent Ohio’s fire and emergency medical services, private medical transportation services, mobile intensive care providers, air medical providers, trauma programs, hospitals, emergency physicians, EMS training programs and the Ohio Department of Public Safety.
OEMSCA President Vince Gildone was excited to hear the news of Jackson’s appointment.
“I have known Chief Jackson for some time and I have nothing but positive things to say about him,” Gildone said. “Jeff has a thorough understanding of EMS and its needs and he will be an excellent representative for the Ohio EMS Chiefs, and will be an asset to the State Board of Emergency Medical, Fire, and Transportation Services.”