Please select the membership option applicable to you.

Agency member – Chief, Director, Chief Executive Officer or Managing Officer of a third-service government based EMS system or a City, County, or regional agency or district that is the non-profit,  9-1-1 EMS agency of a political subdivision directly governed by a Ohio political subdivision (appointing authority). This Officer will have the ability to hold office and have the right to cast one vote. $250/year

Affiliate member – Support staff affiliated with an agency member having defined supervisory responsibilities but who is not otherwise eligible for Agency Membership. Affiliate members have the same benefits as the Agency member; however they cannot hold office or vote. $150/year

Associate member – Any individual who has a vested interest in EMS in Ohio. $100/year

Retired member – Any former member of the association with five (5) years of membership with the exception of charter members of the association.  $15/year

To join OEMSCA, please fill out this short application:

NOTE: Application is online and will be submitted to the OEMSCA Leadership team, who will review your application at the scheduled meeting following your submission.  Once approved, the OEMSCA Association Manager will contact you, and you will be invoiced at that time.  Please do not send funds until you are contacted.  Thank you for your assistance.