Survival Flight brings exceptional service, professionalism to Ohio

Survival Flight personnel pose for a photo

Survival Flight is an eight-year-old, privately owned, premier emergency medical transportation company that brought its exceptional services and professionalism to Ohio in the summer of 2018.
The company works to extend and enhance a patient’s life by providing transport delivery to an immediate in-house medical staff and facility.
Andy Arthurs, the vice president of EMS Services for Survival Flight, said the company passionately serves those who have unexpectedly found themselves threatened by life’s unforeseen situations.
“We devote everything we do to ensure our patients get our full focus and expertise to preserve and enhance their safety until they are transported to the medical care they require,” he said.
Arthurs said Survival Flight makes it a goal to minimize the time spent on scene.
“Helicopter transport in today’s healthcare environment is about speed and quality of care,” he said. “We strive to provide a high acuity of care while moving with purpose toward the next patient-care destination.”
Arthurs said Survival Flight prioritizes safety, speed and efficiency.
“We focus on the quality of care to our patients and their safety with medical transportation. Our mission is to serve our customers with unsurpassed and rapid medical services to save lives,” he said.
The company can be quick and efficient partly because of the quality of its fleet.
“We fly a Bell 407 aircraft,” Arthurs said. “It’s one of the fastest and largest EMS aircraft in Central Ohio. We have an average cruise speed of around 150 MPH and a significantly enhanced load-carrying ability. We are equipped to the standards set forth for any Ohio emergency helicopter operation.”
One other priority of the company is recognizing the importance of family.
“We have a third-rider seat in the back of the aircraft in the event a family member or law enforcement officer need or wants to accompany the patient,” Arthurs said. “This capability is a true advantage, especially in the case when a pediatric patient is flown, because a parent or loved one can fly with the child.”
Arthurs said he is proud of the people who are employed by the company. Survival Flight has 16 helicopter bases (soon to be 19) in six states. The company also has a Pilatus PC12 fixed-wing airplane/air ambulance. All bases are staffed 24/7/365 by a pilot, nurse and medic.
“Survival Flight’s amazing staff makes every decision based on doing the right thing,” he said. “We firmly believe that if every decision is made based on that simple litmus test, the outcome will always be the very best possible.”
Survival Flight is a sponsor of the Ohio EMS Chiefs Association because the company supports the mission and goals of OEMSCA.
“OEMSCA is a great way for the agencies who service a very large portion of rural Ohio, to share information, trade ideas and best practices, and have a forum for having their voices heard when rules or directives are being considered. Survival Flight supports all the agencies in OEMSCA,” Arthurs said. “We look forward to serving you and your patients in the years to come.”
Arthurs said the organization’s lean managerial structure allows its focus to be placed on patients and crews.
“Being privately owned, we have a non-existent upper management bureaucracy, allowing for rapid decisions and the ability to provide solutions quickly,” he said.
Arthurs said the company looks forward to working with EMS agencies across the state acheter viagra en ligne.
“We are here to be an integral part of YOUR team,” he said. “We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.”
To learn more about Survival Flight, visit the company’s website, or call through to the office line at (480) 275-4900. For helicopter requests, please call the Operation Control Center (877) 581-5558.